How does it help

The ultimate in next-generation hearing tech, Ven™ by Audientes is a self-fitting, high-quality hearing aid for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Ven adjusts incoming audio frequencies to match your hearing profile. Because it’s noise-reducing and speech-enhancing, you always hear just what you want to. Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner or in a business meeting, Ven keeps you in the conversation.
With its sleek, lightweight Danish design, Ven is made for all-day use and comfort. A rechargeable battery provides an estimated 12 hours of use. Ven is also dust, dirt and moisture resistant, so it can go all the places you do.

Enjoy ambient noise — or tune it out

Thanks to its built-in directional microphones, Ven can identify and block background sounds with the click of a button. Savor the roar of ocean waves — or block them out to have a chat. Take in the atmosphere at a café — or silence your surroundings so you can focus on placing an order.

Chat. stream. surf.
Ven wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth-enabled devices, delivering crisp, dynamic and natural-sounding audio. Enjoy phone calls with friends, keep up-to-date with the latest podcasts or become immersed in your favorite television show. With Ven, nothing can interrupt your flow.

Get with the program

A variety of built-in programs let you hear clearly in all the places that matter most to you. Whether you’re on the road, in the office, or just around the house, Ven has you covered.