Download the Audientes app and get the best out of Companion

Audientes app
Get even more out of Companion with the Audientes app.
So, let’s get started. With both Android and iOS devices, downloading the Audientes app is fast and easy.
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Set up Companion in 3 simple steps.


Connect wirelessly with any of your Android, iPhone or tablet devices.

2. get your earmap™

EarMAP™ assesses your hearing and tailors Companion to your unique hearing profile.


Change your listening
program on the fly.

All the best features, all at your fingertips.

Make and take calls

The latest Bluetooth 5.2
connectivity brings loud-and-clear wireless audio to each and every phone call. And best of all - every call is at the perfect volume for you!

Enjoy yourself!

Bluetooth 5.2 pairing also allows for high-definition audio streaming of your favorite TV and music so you always get the perfect volume.

Do it your way!

Select your favorite listening program, turn the volume up and down, or adjust if needed. The choice is yours.